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We designed Opera for your personal use - whatever it looks like.

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Some things that Opera makes indispensable

Surf faster

Our browser uses much less processing power than others and has a built-in ad blocker that helps websites load faster.

Stay informed

Chat and browse at the same time thanks to the integrated messenger services in the browser corner. Juggling between tabs and applications is now a thing of the past.

Do what you want

Personalize Opera with dark or light themes, keyboard shortcuts, your favorite bookmarks, and tons of other options.

Discover the functions in the Opera browser

Get to know the Opera browser better and do more on the web!

  • Organize your tabs in separate, customizable workspaces.

  • Browse faster loading pages with less distraction.

  • Instantly send files, links, and notes to your other devices.

  • Watch videos while browsing in a separate window overlaying the web pages.

  • Benefit from increased security and better protection while browsing for free.

  • Provides an easy way to significantly increase your laptop's battery life.

  • Automatically converts time zones, currencies and units of measurement for you.

  • A world full of music and podcasts that is always open to you.

Opera blogs

Get more information about surfing with our browsers

Latest blog posts about desktop browsers

Check out our blog for the latest updates and news about our desktop browsers, their features and the future of browsing. Read more about the Crypto Wallet, Web 3, the Opera GX gaming browser, and what Opera plans for the near future.

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Current blog posts about mobile browsers

Learn more about our design award-winning mobile browsers, syncing between devices, and other improvements. Read the latest updates and news, and find out what Opera has in the works for its mobile browsers.

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Nice things that were said about us

“Lots of people use ad blocker extensions in their browsers; Opera goes one step further and has integrated the function directly into the browser. "

fortune.com March 10, 2016

"Opera seems determined to bring generation-consuming improvements to the stage in a few months, and adds another reason to switch browsers - the new low-power mode."

PC world May 12, 2016

“There are many synchronization tools that you can use to exchange content between your desktop and smartphone. However, I have not found another that is as simple and user-friendly as Flow from Opera. "

ArtechnicaMay 19, 2019

"Opera is still a small fish in the browser world, but it could soon see a huge boom."

the verge April 21, 2016