Where does Hercule Poirot come from

Agatha Christie’s Poirot

Season 1, episodes 1-10

  • 1. Chef wanted (The Adventure Of The Clapham Cook)

    When Mrs. Todd asked Hercule Poirot to look for her cook, who had disappeared without a trace, the latter was initially reluctant to take care of the matter. But when Mrs. Todd released him shortly afterwards with a modest payment, Poirot was indignant and his ambition aroused. His persistence pays off because he not only finds the cook, but also solves a theft and a murder. (Text: One)

  • 2. Poirot smells the roast (Murder In The Mews)

    Suicide or murder disguised as suicide? Chief Inspector Japp consults Poirot on a tricky case in which a woman is found shot. Her room was locked, but the key to the room has disappeared and there are no fingerprints on the gun. Research reveals that she was blackmailed. Poirot is the only one who keeps track of things and also solves the secret of the briefcase. (Text: One)

  • 3. Poirot and the Kidnapper (The Adventure Of Johnnie Waverly)

    This time Poirot is late on his own case, and all because he cannot do without a decent full English breakfast. In his absence, the Waverly child is kidnapped despite the strictest security precautions. Everything indicates that the perpetrator is walking in and out of the Waverly family home. Poirot comes to a surprising result. (Text: One)

  • 4.Four And Twenty Blackbirds

    There are also benefits to people following their habits. The painter Henry Gascoigne has been coming to a certain restaurant on Wednesdays and Saturdays for years. Recently, however, he has amazed the waitress twice with unusual food requests. Shortly afterwards he dies. What initially looks like an accident turns out to be an insidious murder involving a lot of money. (Text: One)

  • 5. Dead on the third floor (The Third Floor Flat)

    Probably none of those involved would have thought that losing an apartment key could have such fatal consequences. Instead of in their friend's apartment, Jimmy Faulkner and Donovan Bailey end up in the apartment below and find the tenant's body. It's a good thing that Poirot lives in the same house and is on hand with help and advice. (Text: One)

  • 6. Holidays in Rhodes (Triangle At Rhodes)

    In the warm climate of Rhodes, the feelings of a few hypothermic English rise. In the end, a murder occurs: Valentine Chantry, object of desire, is poisoned. Or was the attack on her husband? The relationships between the participants turn out to be different from what everyone thought - only Hercule Poirot was not fooled. (Text: One)

  • 7. A door slams shut (Problem At Sea)

    Poirot and Hastings are sailing the Mediterranean on a ship. But the silence does not last long: Lady Clapperton is found murdered in her cabin. It looks like she was killed by a hawker who came on board while on shore leave in Alexandria. Or does one of the passengers on board have a reason to seek her life? With a variety trick Poirot can convict the perpetrator. (Text: One)

  • 8. The Incredible Theft

    Top secret plans for a war plane are stolen after a social gathering at the Mayfield house. The suspicion quickly falls on Mrs. Vanderlyn, an American who works as a spy. Her belongings are searched and she is arrested. But the plans remain gone. Only Poirot keeps track and can expose the perpetrator. (Text: One)

  • 9. The King Of Clubs

    Film producer Henry Reedburn has many enemies. The actress Valerie Saintclair is blackmailed by him and he has just fired her colleague Ralph Walton. A little later the police found Mr. Reedburn slain in his library, Valerie Saintclair had discovered the body. Her friend, Prince Paul of Maurania, calls in Poirot to ensure a discreet investigation. Or was it not a murder in the end, just an accident? Poirot comes to a hasty conclusion, but then comes up with the right solution. (Text: One)

  • 10. The Dream

    The wealthy entrepreneur Benedict Farley tells Hercule Poirot of a strange dream. Every night he dreams that he shoots himself at 12:28 p.m. A little later, Farley actually commits suicide. It is precisely in this situation that Poirot struggles with his little gray cells. But Miss Lemon puts him on the right track and he can solve the case. (Text: One)


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