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Computer skills in the application

The correct presentation in the résumé

How good are you with your computer? With which Work programs do you know your way around? How fit are you in Spreadsheet or in word processing? Which industry-specific programs can you get out of the FF? Today there is no industry that can do without EDP (electronic data processing). For this reason alone, it is of considerable interest to a future employer to see how well an applicant can use a PC on the job.

In addition to your training and professional career, it makes sense to describe all other professional qualifications in a short but clear way in your application letter. Computer skills are an important factor - that is in almost all professions. Hence, computer skills are an integral part of the résumé.

Extract from a curriculum vitae with IT skills

At the end of the résumé, it is customary to list specific skills that interest the employer under the heading “Personal Competencies”. In addition to computer skills, this also includes, for example, language skills and information about hobbies, volunteering or mobility. If the use of the computer is of elementary importance, the computer skills are essential first of all are listed.

How detailed the personal PC knowledge is presented depends on the importance and scope of the computer in the corresponding job description occupies. Logically, a programmer has a lot more information to provide than a cook or a doctor's assistant.


Which IT skills are required for the application?

When you compile a list of your IT skills, please never lose sight of the job advertisement. Here you will find exactly what your future area of ​​responsibility will be and what IT skills this includes. You should explicitly focus on this information. Explain your skills in subject-specific (e.g. SAP ERP R / 3) and commonly used programs (e.g. Microsoft Office 365) according to the vacancy.

If you have other computer skills that you use privately and that are unrelated to your job requirements have - leave out! Such knowledge only inflates your résumé unnecessarily and is of no benefit. Example: A cook sets up websites for family and friends in his spare time.

  Tips: These topics belong to the generic term "IT skills"

                   The HR manager wants to read that in the résumé

             1.       Job-specific programs
This includes, for example, accounting programs,
CRM systems, SAP programs, ERP systems, etc.

             2.       Common programs
This includes, for example, word processing programs

             3.       Special e-mail programs,
Spreadsheet programs

             4.       Presentation programs

             5.      Image and film editing programs
e.g. in creative professions

             6.       Knowledge of operating systems,
Programming languages

             7.       Databases
e.g. in the IT industry

Sensible presentation of IT skills in the curriculum vitae

Simply listing your computer skills on your résumé is not enough! This is why you absolutely need to think about one informative presentation do.

Here it goes not only about which IT skills are included in the résumé. Also the sequence is crucial. The rule of thumb is: The more important the computer skills are, the furtherabove they are placed in the ranking.

Bad representation, there is hardly any information content for the
Reader is offered!

not correct

So that the application reader can get an exact picture of your IT skills, it makes sense to the exact program details to be mentioned in the curriculum vitae. Explain which ones Program version it is what you are familiar with.

Side effect: This has the advantage that an application reader perceives how carefully you work something out and how you deal with information. Do you have a knack for doing it all in one constructive order to bring, or do you just write randomly on it? In fact, many small details in your application allow conclusions to be drawn about your working methods! Ultimately, the employer is concerned with answering the question “Should I give this person an employment contract?” Convincingly.


Already better, but not yet optimal! It is unclear how well yours are
Knowledge of the listed
Programs are.


Judging your own knowledge and abilities yourself is one of those things. The fact is, you can't get around in an application, to present yourself as positively as possible. It is a difficult balancing act to certify that you have performed well without being considered a braggart. But modesty has no place in your application. If you very good skills own, this may also be said.

It is crucial that you improve your performance assess realistically. It doesn't help if you over-praise your IT skills but fail to deliver in practice. If you have rated your Word skills as "very good", it will be assumed that you can also get a form letter without leafing through the instructions. You can be sure that poor PC skills are guaranteed to attract negative attention during the trial period!

For the sake of completeness: You do not need to attest to poor knowledge. In that case, you better omit the information.

Higher Information content:
Details and
Performance evaluation.



Presentation: The assessment is often added in brackets
or separated by a slash

Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 (excellent knowledge)
Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 / excellent knowledge

But any other method of presentation is also okay if it is clear and concise.

Evaluation vocabulary for IT skills in the résumé

Unfortunately, there is no standardized evaluation scheme to describe or denote IT skills. Based on the school grades, the division into three categories has been established. A grade lower than three is not used.

Here are some alternative phrasing you can use
to describe your IT skills:


Visual representation of IT skills in the curriculum vitae

Well-designed applications are absolutely trendy. Thanks to an appealing design and cool design ideas, the Attention from HR staff to steer towards yourself. The goal: to secure a recognition feature in the competition. In the meantime there are always application templates from the designer sector that have one visual representation of IT skills use. Admittedly, this looks very professional, but this evaluation of computer skills is rather frowned upon among HR professionals.

Example of the visual
presentation of
IT skills.
By the length of the
Scroll bar should be mapped
be how good that
Computer skills are.






The length of the scroll bars is intended to show how good your PC skills are. JThe longer the scroll bar, the better your level of knowledge. Unfortunately, one can only speculate here how the applicant actually classifies himself, since the usual division into three clear standard categories is not guaranteed. Not to say, this representation is wishy-washy.

But the visual representation harbors even more problems: More and more companies are starting to accept incoming applications initially from software (CV parsing) before the CVs are viewed with expensive manpower.

Such software is unfortunately unable, the graphic representation of textual content to read and take into account. A decisive disadvantage in competition if your PC skills are not recognized by the "machine".

As pictured above, there is another drawback to visual representations. Most of time the given space is not enough for all version information detailed specify. Consequence: The information content is neglected. Therefore, when writing your application, practicality should always take precedence over beauty. In this case it is better to use text than a diagram. You should pay attention to this when selecting your application templates.

What is CV parsing?

CV = curriculum vitae = English for curriculum vitae
Parsing = to parse = parse syntax

CV parsing is software that is able to automatically extract information from CVs. The software can read and process all relevant text information.

This has several advantages for the company. On the one hand, it makes work much easier for recruiters, because it is labor-intensive to sift through applications in the first run. Thanks to the digital recording of the application content, applications can be compared at any time at the push of a button and applicants who do not match can be sorted out immediately.

On the other hand, there is the possibility of having individual applicants analyzed in comparison. This is expected to be a good decision-making aid. Disadvantage: The system depends on the quality of the text recognition. Not all good applicants are recognized as such.

Computer skills in the cover letter

At this point, something fundamental about the application letter: In the résumé, the professional career and the acquiredSkills pictured. And in a sensible way, so that a HR manager can do it for him familiar, usual structure to get a quick overview of the candidate. These skills also include PC skills.

In the cover letter, on the other hand, the applicant will send an high accuracy of fit worked out between the job offer and yourself, because the better the application for Requirement profile of the ad fits, the higher the likelihood that a hiring will occur. In the context of the letter, special successes in terms of computer skills can also be pointed out.

PC skills are always part of the résumé. If it makes sense based on the job advertisement, or if successful projects with PC skills have been implemented, it can also be briefly addressed in the cover letter if the future boss is to be drawn to it. A good means also in speculative applications.

Conclusion on the IT skills in the curriculum vitae

Computer skills are part of almost every application because there is hardly any job that can be done without a computer. The right place for your computer skills is the résumé in the "Personal Competencies" category - usually in the first position. It is important to ensure that you adhere to the order in which they are listed according to the criterion of importance for the job description. Pay attention to details and name the programs after the exact version to ensure the information content for the reader. In any case, write how well you have mastered your work on the PC. Be realistic about your self-assessment.

Frequently asked questions: FAQ on IT skills in the résumé

What IT skills do you need to have in an application?
In almost all professions it is no longer possible without a computer. Therefore, in the curriculum vitae under the keyword EDP knowledge (alternatively PC knowledge, computer knowledge or IT knowledge) is shown, what programs You master and how well you assess your application yourself. This includes not only all “job-specific programs”, but also “common programs” such as word processing systems, spreadsheets and e-mail programs. Presentation programs are also particularly important in some industries. Film and image processing programs are particularly useful in creative professions. It also includes specialist knowledge of databases and programming languages.

Where do IT skills come in the curriculum vitae?
The right place for your computer skills is quite at the end of the résumé in the category "Personal skills". There the computer skills are listed together with the language skills, hobbies and the driver's license. However, if you are applying to become a computer specialist, it may make sense to put your computer expertise a little higher up on your resume.

How do I correctly formulate IT skills?
First name the computer program with the appropriate version, e.g. "Microsoft Office 365". Then evaluate your IT skills yourself so that the reader can get an idea of ​​how you rate your performance. You will be measured by this later. Leaving out the self-assessment does not make sense. Example: "Microsoft Office 365 (good knowledge)". Formulation exampleswhen you look at the Grade one give: Very good knowledge, expert knowledge, used daily. Wording examples, if you look at the Grade 2 give: good knowledge, advanced knowledge, often used. Wording examples, if you look at the Note 3 give: basic knowledge, basic knowledge, occasionally in application. If you rate yourself lower than grade 4, it is better to leave the assessment out.

What computer skills on the résumé?
Job-specific programs: Software for accounting, SAP, CRM and ERP systems etc .; General programs: e.g. word processing programs, e-mail programs; Spreadsheet programs; Presentation programs; Knowledge too Operating systems and Programming languages; Knowledge too Databases

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