What is super heated steam



What is steam exactly?

Steam is water that has been converted into a gas. Steam cannot be seen because it is colorless. The cloud of steam that we see about 2 cm from the spout of a tea kettle is not steam. The real steam is in the space that seems empty just outside the spout. The cloud we see is the water that turned the cooler air from a gaseous form back into tiny water particles.

Steam is formed by boiling or by evaporation. At sea level, water boils when heated to 100 ° C. Water also evaporates at lower temperatures. The steam when boiling is as hot as the boiling water. The vapor produced by evaporation is not hot. Usually the word steam refers to hot steam. When water reaches boiling point, bubbles of steam begin to rise through it and vent into the air. The temperature remains at the boiling point until all of the liquid has turned into gas. It takes 100 calories of heat to raise one gram of water from freezing point (0 ° C) to boiling point.

The steam fills more space than the water it comes from, the moment the boiling stops the gas is 1.67 times the size of the previous liquid. At this stage it is called saturated steam, if it is heated more it will take up even more space. Then it's known as super heated steam. The steam engine is built according to this principle.


Standard technology
Standard boiler

In the basic version of the steam generator, the boiler also works as a reservoir for fresh water. With one amount of water you can work for about 2 hours (depending on the model). The boiler is always made of corrosion-resistant and anti-scale 304 stainless steel in order to ensure the duration of the steam generator to guarantee.


continuous operation

Steam cleaners with this function have two water chambers: a pressurized boiler and a non-pressurized tank, which allows the operator to add water to the machine while it is still running. Menikini steam cleaners are equipped with an electronic level sensor that refills the boiler when the The water level is insufficient, which means that the machines avoid pressure and temperature drops during use.


continuous fresh water inlet

Some of our industrial steam cleaners include an automatic direct water refill that connects the machine to a water line and fills the fresh water tank as needed, and continuous water refill systems can also be refilled manually when a water line is not available.


Cleaner - Injection

These tanks hold and dispense cleaning chemicals, and some of our steam cleaners have simple handle controls that allow the operator to control the flow of detergent and steam while cleaning.