How can I sell my intellectual property

Selling copyright: what are the options?

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Many artists and creatives sooner or later depend on to earn money with their works, because this is the only way for them to finance their lives. But what options are there for authors to profit financially from a creation? Can you use your Sell ​​copyright?

FAQ on selling copyright

Can I sell my copyright to a work?

A transfer of copyright is basically only possible in the event of the death of the creator by inheriting the copyright.

Do I acquire the copyright for the images or texts in the case of a commissioned work?

Regardless of whether a work is created in the free time, on the job or as a result of commissioned work, it is not possible to sell the copyright. However, to ensure that you are the only person to benefit from or use a commissioned work, a contract is drawn up that grants the customer the exclusive rights of use.

What should I look out for when I sell copyright through usage rights?

You should carefully review the terms of the contract and ensure that you receive adequate compensation. If you find it difficult to estimate such an amount, it may be useful to consult a copyright lawyer.

Can you sell your copyright?

The copyright serves Protection of Creator and Work. That forms the legal basis for this Copyright Act (UrhG). This ensures that the connection from the Originator with his work basically remains and one Transfer not possible is. This is recorded in Section 29 UrhG to the legal transactions about copyright:

The copyright is not transferable unless it is transferred in fulfillment of a disposition due to death or to co-heirs by way of an inheritance dispute.

Only through the death of the Creator is it possible for the right to pass to another person - copyright is thus inherited. The basis for this is either a testament or a contract of inheritance or the Legal succession.

Indeed, with American copyright you have the option of all To sell claims to one's own work. This shows, among other things, that the central idea of ​​this property right is the economic recovery is. In Germany you cannot sell copyright like this.

How can I benefit financially from my works?

In principle, it is not possible to sell the copyright, but the author can give it to third parties Grant usage rights. This right allows, among other things, the reproduction, publication or processing of the works.

The scope The author defines these rights of use in a license agreement. So allow exclusive usage rights For example, only the purchaser can use the corresponding work. All other persons - and this usually also includes the author himself - is the Use, however, prohibited.

The license agreement also regulates the compensation for the usage rights. The Creator thus receives one Compensation for the usewithout having to sell the copyright.

Selling copyright - short and compact

It is not possible for the creator of a work to sell his copyright, because this basically remains owned by the author. However, he can third Grant usage rights and receive financial compensation for it. Usually the exact conditions for it are in a License agreement held.

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Selling copyright: what are the options?
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