Are lab-grown diamonds just like natural ones

Artificial diamonds

In order to be able to determine the difference, it is possible, for example, to examine whether there are metal inclusions in the artificial diamond. It is quite common for tiny pieces of metal to get trapped in the diamond during manufacture. These inclusions are only visible to the expert and do not reduce the experience of wearing a diamond ring. The advantages: of artificial diamonds are obvious:

There is no need to exploit nature to produce artificial diamonds. The production in the laboratory does not harm the environment and the cost of such a diamond is around 50 percent lower than the price of a natural diamond.

The most important point goes back to the term blood diamond. Most diamonds are mined in crisis regions in Africa and slave labor, child labor and exploitation unfortunately go hand in hand with the mining of these diamonds. By using artificial diamonds, this terrible diamond mining can be countered.

It should be noted, however, that most of the major diamond miners have agreed in the last few decades not to bring any more diamonds from questionable sources onto the market.


Everyone should decide for themselves whether to buy an artificial or real diamond. There are certainly no reservations about this and it should always be a personal decision. For the purchase of diamonds, however, the difference plays an important role, so that artificial diamonds have to be provided with price discounts.