Which nations have firearms training for civilians

Gun lobbyism: The US is at war with itself

The American internal dispute over firearms and violence bears in its extremes the hate-distorted features of the struggle for slavery. The armed belief, feeling, reverence between religion and libido, longing for the righteous anarchy of the old west stand against reason, statistics, modernity, urbanity and a minimal trust in the state.

The decisive difference to the struggle to keep slaves in the 19th century: The southern United States was fighting for the economic survival of its plantation industry. This difference alone creates hope that the civil war that paranoid gun fools are trying to provoke in America will be avoided.

More weapons - more security?

To speak of war is neither a joke nor a satire. Sayings of an all-over-my-corpse machismo who want to declare war on a tyrannical government are increasing. The European Jews would have broken Hitler's will to annihilate if they had only been armed, their madness claims that the victims of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot would have defeated their tormentors. The gun lobby “National Rifle Association” (NRA) likes to know that it is on the side of the good, who always wants and does good with the rifle at the ready.

This is the only way to make sense of the NRA slogan: kill people, not guns. More guns in the hands of more decent citizens mean more security. The NRA wants to talk about urgently needed improved psychiatric care, the early detection of evil. But never about weapons.

From this point of view, it is the defenselessness of the schools that attracts mass murderers. The NRA's dream is a wild Hollywood-style shoot-out between teachers and criminals in schools, in which the good guys always win, the students get away, parents applaud. The Schützenbund has increased its membership from 4.1 to 4.2 million since the Newtown rampage. Arms sales are booming, fueled by the conspiracy tale that Obama wants to disarm good citizens.

Teachers take self-defense courses. God grace America's children if these poor people are to become heroes in self-defense. Not even police officers who regularly complete firearms training under stress have hit rates that inspire confidence. The dream of a defensive citizen keeping tyrants and other villains at bay is foolish and, in truth, a nightmare.

A tightrope act for the Democrats

When guns are as American as apple pie and baseball, when children's rights to safety are second to those of gun ownership, the nation makes at least one majority vote on how to live. Stricter gun control laws will not change this decision. Banning assault rifles, banning magazines with more than ten rounds, creating a national system for registering all arms sales - should Vice President Joe Biden have proposed such measures to his boss, the course of the dispute is predictable.