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Crazy Easter customs around the world


Easter is just around the corner and many are almost celebrating it. Easter is essentially a Christian festival, but other cultures also take up the topic and look for the colored eggs on Easter Sunday. While some only enjoy coffee and cake with the family, others throw their eggs around. The campfire is also a typical Easter custom. What other special customs there are and where they are particularly strange ...


Colorful eggs are now a part of Easter

Every year we Germans spend several hundred euros on eggs - on average it is more than 220 eggs per person. This is not surprising, because eggs are in the majority of the products we eat every day. Whether in pasta, in chicken or in a variety of delicious cakes - eggs are hidden everywhere and even in nature at Easter.

Easter is known to be a Christian festival and very few people knew, for example, that eggs had a meaningful meaning in earlier times. Did you know that the egg is a kind of sign of resurrection and life? In earlier Christian times these were dyed red at Easter and painted the color of the blood.


Origin and interesting facts about the colorful Easter eggs

What is particularly interesting about the colorful Easter eggs is the admittedly curious story behind them. In the past, Christians were not allowed to eat eggs during Lent. To distinguish new eggs from old ones, they have been colored. At that time it was more a necessity and not a voluntary decision.

Of course, Easter is mainly celebrated in Christian countries. But a worldwide tradition has long since developed from this, and it is not only Christians who color their eggs brightly during Easter. Whether in China, Japan or in other non-Christian countries and cultures - egg coloring is not only one of the most popular activities during Easter for children.


These are the peculiar Easter customs around the world

There are a number of Easter customs in Germany. Easter eggs, Easter bunnies or the classic traditional Easter fire - Easter is a wonderful time when the family can relax and put the stressful everyday life aside for a short time. But there are also Easter customs in other countries - but some of them are really crazy and absolutely unconventional. We took a look around and looked for the strangest Easter customs. So much in advance: In Bulgaria, Poland or England - Easter has long been much more than just a Christian festival.


Bulgaria and the Easter eggs

In Bulgaria, the young children do not look for Easter eggs in the afternoons. They have a much crazier custom during Easter time. So you take the eggs and throw them at each other. The aim of the Bulgarians, however, is that the eggs are preserved and not broken. The country is also known for the fact that the unmarried men bake Easter bread.


Easter in England

In England too, Easter is celebrated in its own way. The local customs are really weird and absolutely fit the English people. How crazy and peculiar the English are is shown above all by a custom. For example, during the Easter season in Great Britain people collect willow kitten branches and use them to whip themselves. An absolutely atypical custom, which probably only exists in this form among the English.


Finland and a custom

If you just thought the English would be even crazier with their customs at Easter, Finland tops it off by a long shot. It is common in the Scandinavian country for the residents to “thresh” birch rods over their backs. This is absolutely weird, but according to the Finns it should bring good luck.


Poland also has its own Easter custom

There are a number of other countries that have crazy Easter customs - for example Poland. Even on colder days, things get wet there. The Poles use water on Easter Sunday and spray each other with it.


USA: endless games

Anyone who lives in the USA can marvel at a lot at Easter. In Washington, for example, the White House Easter Egg Customs, which is now known worldwide, is to take place outside the White House. A playing field is organized and the participants have to walk over it with eggs on their tablespoons - without breaking it, mind you.


Easter customs do not only exist in Germany. However, we Germans are more traditional and not as crazy as the English, for example.


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