Diabetes can lead to power outages

Behavior in the event of a blackout

Blackout - the long-term power failure

A short circuit can occur relatively easily in any household. In most cases, however, the damage can be repaired quickly, so the power failure is short-lived. However, if the power supply fails in large parts of the country, it is known as a blackout. A long-term power outage can always have unpleasant consequences, which is why it is important to prepare for this scenario.

Be aware that in the event of a long-term blackout, it may not be possible to buy food and drinks (cash registers do not work, transport logistics collapse, payment with debit / credit card not possible).

Therefore, you should make provisions for emergencies and a crisis-proof budget take precautions:

  • Preparation tip
    Plan as you would for a "fourteen-day camping holiday in your own four walls" - so you also think of everything that you need individually.
  • Agreements in the family
    Who are the people who will help each other or need help in the event of a blackout? Discuss the behavior in a blackout situation with family members now (e.g. where do you meet when the phones don't work, who picks whom, who takes care of the family members who are in need of help (children or people in need of care), etc. .). Which people outside of the family (neighbors, friends, etc.) could help together or who in the area could need help?
  • Food and beverage supplies
    Make sure you have a supply of drinks (mineral water, fruit juices) and a supply of food for all family members for at least 14 days. The beverage supply is often underestimated; some experts advise keeping 35 liters per person on hand. Do you think about what special food you and your family need (diabetics, babies, pets, etc.)?
    Either you use up the stored food regularly and accordingly buy it regularly, or you create a special disaster control reserve. This should be stored in a cool, dry place and protected from vermin and ideally checked annually. The contents of the freezer should not be used primarily as a supply, as perishable food can no longer be refrigerated in the event of a power failure.
  • Replacement lighting
    Candles, igniters, lighter, flashlight with spare batteries, high-power kerosene light - please note that unfamiliar use of open flames can lead to fires and proceed accordingly carefully.
  • Replacement cooking facility
    Dry alcohol or denatured alcohol, camping stove, fondue cooker - please note that unfamiliar use of open fire can lead to fires and proceed accordingly carefully.
  • Receiving facilities
    Crank radio or battery radio with spare batteries, think of your car radio too
  • First aid - civil defense pharmacy
    Bandages, important and personally prescribed medication, etc.
  • money
    Always keep some cash at home.
  • Hygiene products
    Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, sanitary towels or tampons, heavy duty detergent, garbage bags, cleaning products
  • Emergency power supply
    There are emergency power generators with an output of less than one kilowatt up to several hundred kilowatts
  • Alternative heating option
    Heating devices that run on kerosene or bottled gas, tiled stoves, fireplace stoves, etc. - please note that unfamiliar use of open flames can lead to fires and proceed accordingly with caution.

Please add to the recommendations made here with considerations of what you and your family would specifically need - and check the lists of stocking guides (examples are given below).

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Last updated: February 1, 2021

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