Why customers don't buy from you

That's why customers buy from you - 3 reasons

1. The potential customer buys the seller

The human brain decides in a fraction of a second: As a salesperson, you are sympathetic or not. It is undisputed that likeable salespeople sell more. It is also undisputed that likeable salespeople without know-how and without expert status sell just as little as unpleasant salespeople with know-how and with expert status. If you as a seller are sympathetic to your customer and the famous line between you and your potential customer is good, then this is half the battle.

2. The prospect buys a problem solution

Sure, customers buy solutions to their problems. It is often the case that there is a problem, but the problem is not yet urgent enough for the customer to deal with the solution now. In a sense, the problem doesn't burn under his fingernails. It is also often the case that your potential customer doesn't even know that they have a problem. This is why it is so important to ask smart questions when setting up a customer so that your potential customer discovers the problem himself and only then are you as a salesperson asked to present the right solutions. But it is important: Customers buy solutions to problems and they like to spend money on them. If your customer has no pain, but also no joy with your product, then they will not buy from you and you should only talk to qualified, potential customers, because there really are enough of them out there.

3. The potential customer also buys the company behind it

What does the company you work for as a salesperson stand for? Is your company easy to find on the internet with your products and problem solutions? How do customers rate your products and the company you work for? All of these criteria are really important to customers. As written in my last articles, it is important to find out the buying and not buying motive of your potential customers. If your company is rated well and the testimonials from your customers on the Internet are great, then you have the best prerequisites to generate new customers. There is only one major challenge for salespeople that is really important in this context:

(TIP) The product and the service must keep what they promise! If you sell products or services passionately and with full conviction, then you as a seller are also at the forefront. Selling also has a lot to do with expectations and the fulfillment or exceeding of these expectations. If expectations cannot be met, your customers will be disappointed. If this happens frequently, then your reputation as a seller is particularly at risk. (Online) marketing and sales, customer service and project management work best from my experience as agile teams. In the interests of a successful company and satisfied customers, there must be no departmental thinking in this case, but only solution-oriented and project-related teamwork!

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