Twitter has a local strategy

Twitter could turn lists into channels and remove global trends

A few far-reaching changes are looming on Twitter. On the one hand, the short message service will limit the content information such as trends to the location of the user. On the other hand, the known lists could soon be replaced by the "Channels" tab.

More localization on Twitter: contradicting claim

In a tweet, Twitter itself announced that changes to the location now have more extensive effects for the user. Both the discover function and the trends on Twitter will therefore display content and topics in the context of the set location.

However, this change seems questionable in view of the introduction of Twitter.

Now more than ever, it's vital to see what's happening anywhere in the world, from wherever,

it says in the tweet. The users therefore react rather dissatisfied with the change and ask themselves why they should not be able to receive global, but only local trends. Accordingly, the hashtag #TwitterRestoreWorldwideTrends has already established itself.

The number of negatively connoted comments under the announcement could possibly even induce Twitter to reconsider or even revise this change. Meanwhile, another novelty on the platform appears to be in the testing phase.

Will Twitter's lists become channels?

Reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong discovered that Twitter could rename the known lists or lists into channels.

The tab is displayed accordingly for your account; therefore it is likely to be an unofficial test. Presumably this change would affect the name and slightly modify the corresponding settings for the lists.

In the test, we still only discovered the list tab on various accounts on Twitter. Since Twitter has not commented on a possible name change, it remains to be seen whether this update will be implemented for Twitter users in the near future.

Even if the announced and the potential change on Twitter do not fundamentally change the functions of the service, they show that the short message service continues to change. Whether for the better is probably left to the subjective assessment of the user. Fortunately, Twitter itself offers the best platform for a discourse via the medium as well.